More About Us


The Land Conservancy of Ridgefield is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Ridgefield. To that end, we will, advocate for and promote the permanent preservation of Natural resources in the Town of Ridgefield, creating benefit for the general public through acquisition, conservation and sustain stewardship of the limited land and water resources of our community.


The Land Conservancy of Ridgefield will preserve and protect, for the general benefit of the public, Ridgefield’s natural resources including land and water resources, the plant and wildlife thereon and unique scenic, natural and historic sites. We will continue to acquire strategic land resources to increase open space by actively promoting land conservation by explaining its importance and benefits to the community. The Land Conservancy will sustain an active stewardship program that protects the properties and easements entrusted to it by involving a diverse set of talent in the completion of its tasks.