Land Acquisition Update

Over the past year, through the generous donations of several Ridgefielders, the Land Conservancy of Ridgefield has added over 12 acres to our property. With over 500 acres of property owned and over 200 acres in easements, the Land Conservancy of Ridgefield continues to add to our efforts to conserve and preserve the town’s limited undeveloped land.

Great Hill Road

An anonymous town resident donated 3 lots (over 6 total acres) along Great Hill Road. These 3 lots were part of an existing subdivision and destined to become home sites. This donation will now protect the view along the road and save this land from future development. We are thankful for this generous gift.

Sarah Bishop Road and Tanton Hill Road

The Boys and Girls Club of Ridgefield donated two parcels of property to the Land Conservancy.  The donation included a 1.24 acre parcel on Sarah Bishop Road and a 2.25 acre parcel on Tanton Hill Road.  (As a reminder, visit our FAQs page for a link to a list of all the Land Conservancy properties.)

Swenson Property

The Land Conservancy received 2.541 acres of land through a generous donation from Ms. Laura Hollister.  The parcel was part of late Hope H. Swenson’s property on Main Street.

A Generous Gift

The Land Conservancy received 8 acres of property that borders a pond from an anonymous donor.